Gilbert Baker Film Festival 2021

24 November - 12 December 2021

2021 Gilbert Baker Film Festival offers specially curated LGBTQ+ content including mixed short film programs, feature-length film screenings, moderated live watch parties, Q&As and plenty of opportunities for audience engagement.

Each week of live programming will accommodate for different global regions/time zones to extend the reach and accessibility of this festival as per the vision of the festival to connect people and reach marginalized, isolated, rural LGBTQIIA+, Sapphic, Achillean, or Diamoric communities worldwide. 

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This year's Virtual Gilbert Baker Film Festival (hosted and sponsored by Lesflicks) offers you the flexibility to buy single tickets to a feature film or a strand of short films, or the option to buy passes to all shorts or all features collectively. Better still, you could fully immerse yourself in everything the festival has to offer by getting an all-access VIP pass!

With over 30 short films and 6 feature-length films, there is certainly plenty to watch and choose from all festival long!

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Gilbert Baker Film Festival is committed to supporting the LGBTQ+ community

🌟BUY A VIP PASS: click here to buy a VIP pass

💎BUY A SHORTS STRAND PASS: click here to buy a shorts strand pass

💎BUY A FEATURE FILM PASS: click here to buy a feature film pass (excludes special presentation features)

Tickets go on sale when the festival starts.

🎟️What you get with your VIP festival pass:

• tickets last 72 hours, passes last for the duration of the festival

• Get access to watch all 32 short films, 3 feature films for the duration of the festival and 3 special presentation films on their release dates

• Get access to the LesflicksCAN forum to discuss the festival

• 25% off 2 months LesflicksVOD subscription (available to new and existing customers!)

💰 How your money helps amplify LGBTQ+ film and community

• 25% of ticket revenue goes to the filmmakers

• 20% of ticket goes to Project Q&A charity (

• 10% of ticket goes to fund future film through the Sapphic Investment Film Fund (

"The rainbow is a part of nature, and you have to be in the right place to see it. It's beautiful, all of the colors, even the colors you can't see... Our sexuality is all of the colors."

Gilbert Baker

Creator of the Rainbow Flag

Different ways to watch the films

Once you have purchased your festival ticket or festival pass you have the choice of how to access the films. You can watch through a web browser, through our Apple or Android app, through ROKU or through Amazon Firestick.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for more information about all the apps available

What's Showing?

The Gilbert Baker Film Festival team have been tirelessly scouting out LGBTQ+ inclusive films all year round to bring together the biggest and boldest program of titles from short films, to features, to web series. Be sure to check out our full program guide to see what films, strands, and/or collections catch your eye.  

Minimum tech to watch the films

Optimum spec: a recent MAC (2017 or newer) or PC (Windows 10) running the latest version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Saffai is required to ensure the videos play. Mobile devices running the most recent OS possible (iOS or Android) is recommended.

Special Presentations

The opening, centre, and closing films have limited and exclusive availability, so please check release dates.*

Feature Films

Shorts Strands

Watch parties and social community events

The Gilbert Baker Film Festival & Lesflicks team will be hosting watch parties and social events where you can watch films alongside other film fans and maybe see a special guest or two!

Join other like-minded film fans from the LGBTQ+ community in our online social events! From watch parties to open lively discussions, come and connect with others all around the world!

Go to the events calendar here!

you will need to register with the link provided in your receipt when you buy a festival pass or ticket

Event hosts

Our live Zoom events are hosted by our fun, friendly team







Where, When & How

Where, when and how you can watch the films in this festival

<p><span class="font-bold">Where</span></p>


You can watch at home on your device (Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick, iPhone, Android or website browser on your computer).


The watch parties will take place on Zoom - no matter where you are in the world, there'll be an event available for you to join. We hope to see you!

<p><span class="font-bold">When</span></p>


The films will be available from 12am GMT Wednesday 24 November 2021 until 11:59pm GMT on Sunday 12 December 2021 on LesflicksVOD.


We will also be hosting watch parties and social events, so if you wish to share the experience, be sure to check the events calendar and book your spot!

<p><span class="font-bold">How</span></p>


We have a variety of passes and tickets on offer, so you can decide if you want to watch some shorts, some films, or everything!


Your festival ticket goes towards festival running costs, the filmmakers, a film grant supporting the development of future film projects, as well as charitable organisations such as the Gilbert Baker Foundation.

Need support? Got a question? Drop us an email and Jen and Ping will help you out!

support email


Partnering with Lesflicks has not only given Gilbert Baker Film Festival a platform on which to share these amazing films virtually around the world, ticketholders will also be given access to LesflicksCAN, where festival attendees can discuss their love of all things film in a private and safe discussion forum all throughout the festival. Yes, that’s right, not only can you watch from the comfort of your home but you can shout about it in a space dedicated to you!

The LesflicksCAN is a safe space. You will need to register with the link provided in your receipt when you buy a festival pass or ticket

More About the Gilbert Baker Film Festival

Gilbert Baker Film Festival has run each year since 2017, in honor of Gilbert Baker’s legacy to unite marginalized people under one rainbow flag and both educate and bring community together with the use of a film festival. The 2021 Gilbert Baker Film Festival sees the festival move entirely online to a global audience. Short film programs and feature films with be available for streaming virtually via the Lesflicks Video On Demand service from November 24th to December 12th 2021.  

All the content shown at the film festival has been carefully curated to ensure it offers the audience a diverse and educational as well as enjoyable viewing experience. Films of varying lengths and genres from filmmakers around the world will not only be available for streaming on demand but also shown at live community engaging events across differing time zones throughout the festival run in order to increase accessibility and bring people together.

This year’s Gilbert Baker Film Festival sees a ground-breaking collaboration with Lesflicks enable the festival to reach a wider audience across more weeks, and with a larger collection of films than ever before. With more invaluable LGBTQ+ representation shown onscreen and available to individuals from the comfort of their home, it is hoped that yet more marginalized, isolated, rural LGBTQIIA+, Sapphic, Achillean, or Diamoric people will be reached on a global scale. 

2021 Gilbert Baker Film Festival will also include moderated discussion forums (Lesflicks Community Amplification Network) accessible to all ticket-holders, to further enhance the festival-going experience and connect the authentic, unique stories of the films with their intended LGBTQ+ audience. The festival will also be tailoring its passes to the viewer’s needs by giving the option of buying different types of passes according to chosen themes and types of film. This recognises the fact that people have their own preferences and that whilst personal tastes may differ, we do not need to allow this individuality to become a barrier to making the most of a film festival, or indeed life in general. Instead, this festival works towards inclusivity and bringing the community together much like Gilbert Baker’s rainbow flag did and continues to do. 

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