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Lesflicks is growing!

We're growing... we've got big plans... and we're inviting you to join us!

We've been discussing investment for a few months now, but not been able to identify any investors that we believe have the same ethos, desire and drive that we have. We strongly believe if we give away ownership to big business, other mainstream platforms or investors outside of our community that we will lose what has made us so successful to date.

What makes Lesflicks unique is that we are building an ecosystem that is fair to both content creators and audiences. We believe it is possible to support everyone - and that this will create a sustainable and plentiful supply chain of quality authentic sapphic stories.

The recent changes in the streaming and entertainment world this month have reinforced our belief that we are stronger together as a community, and that we need to keep the ownership and decision-making of Lesflicks 100% sapphic.

Our ambition is big. Much like our dreams. We dreamed big in March 2019 - and look what we have achieved already! Pre-investment, and with a part-time, volunteer workforce - we are already a force to be reckoned with. We have over 220 titles. Our clients are happy as we pay them. We have a list of filmmakers who want their work on our platform and we're starting to look at creating content (our first project is already underway through our sister brand SapphicIFF).

Join us today in our journey to a sapphic utopia by adding your support to our campaign!

Our aims and what they mean for you

We have 3 stages to our campaign: Support, Amplify and Create. As we have become well known for with our clients, we want to be completely transparent. These are our plans and what they mean.

Milestone 1: £70,000

Lesflicks will move from 100% part time volunteers and interns to a full time paid team supported by volunteers and interns. Increased resource will help improve knowledge of Lesflicks and increase capacity to help us move forward from being 'the community's best kept secret' to becoming a household name.

Milestone 2: £100,000

This milestone will create sustainability and ensure our costs are covered for the next 2 years including a marketing and growth budget. Lesflicks will be able to thrive and fast track our growth. We will be able to harness and support the true power of the sapphic community through our ecosystem including LesflicksVOD and the LesflicksCAN. Exceeding these two milestones will meet the necessary targets for Lesflicks that will enable and empower us to SUPPORT our clients, you the audience and to remain 100% independent and able to make decisions that we know are right for the wlw community.

Milestone 3: £191,000

This milestone will allow us to grow LesflicksVOD, to build up the LesflicksCAN, increase the support for content creators through Sapphic Services and to promote sapphic content that is currently in production or pre-production. We will start to amplify the amazing content you don't even know exists.

Milestone 4: £500,000

This milestone allows us to supercharge our aims to amplify authentic sapphic stories. It will ensure Lesflicks is equipped to raise awareness and strengthen the support we are able to offer sapphic content. We will work with sapphic content creators to ensure that content is distributed effectively and that you the audience is able to find and watch the content being made for you. Exceeding these two milestones will complete the AMPLIFY phase of our growth and move us into the exciting phase of content creation and content licensing. This is where sh*t gets serious!!!

Milestone 5: £1,500,000

This milestone will see Lesflicks starting to create higher budget content. We will work with the community to ensure what we're making is what you want to see. We'll look at saving shows that are at risk by focusing our resource on campaigning and proving that we are a valid and worthwhile audience. We will provide a home for quality sapphic content and offer an easy and cost-effective way to reach sapphic audiences increasing profitability and audience viewing numbers organically.

Milestone 6: £5,000,000

This milestone allows us to fully implement our sapphic utopia. Exciting! We will be able to create, centralise and secure sapphic content in one easy-to-find and easy-to-access place. We will be the go-to home for sapphic content. A few women have asked if we're the lesbian Netflix... we're not there yet but this milestone would definitely get us there!