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100% wlw stories

100% wlw stories


Lesflicks is proud to prioritise under-represented voices including queer womxn of colour, disability, mental health and various identities including bisexual, poly and trans. Even LGBTQ+ platforms lack stories for queer womxn! Because everyone should be able to see themselves on screen.
Rainbow owned

Rainbow owned

Ethically Priced

We hear the audience craving more authentic stories. We hear the filmmakers struggling to get content funded. We're proud to offer the solution! Ethically priced content that is affordable for audiences with fair royalty rates to content creators means Lesflicks works for all involved.
Authentic Voices

Authentic Voices


Lesflicks is proud to champion stories made by independent filmmakers of all sizes and backgrounds. We know they understand our stories best. Streaming services traditionally show you content from studios, leaving independent stories unrepresented and invisible.

100% wlw on screen because we know that Representation Matters!

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Lesflicks loves to collaborate! Collaboration, networking and partnerships are key to amplifying wlw content. Watch all these channels and more, with one subscription!


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