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Why Lesflicks?

Hear from one of our clients, Kate Lane - an independent filmmaker from the UK about why Lesflicks is awesome

More than a streaming platform... Lesflicks is a sustainable ecosystem

We know what is needed to improve things. To make sure there are more authentic sapphic stories available for you to watch. To make it easier for you to find the stories you crave.

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watch hundreds of authentic sapphic stories including titles you won't find on any other streaming platform. LesflicksVOD is proud to have the largest collection of authentic sapphic stories of any online streaming platform in the world (despite being one of the newest!)

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The home of authentic sapphic stories on screen

Despite being one of the newest platforms to launch, because of our strong social values, sustainable ecosystem and fair payment to content creators we have added over 185 titles since our 2020! We add a new title every week and as we grow our subscriber base this allows us to grow our catalog. Your subcription matters as it shows that we are a valid audience. Help us bring together the over 11 million non-heterosexual women worldwide to show we exist!

*data correct as at 16 April 2022

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There is more lesbian content out there than ever before—more than anyone can keep up with on their own! But thankfully, there's LesFlicks! I subscribed and never have to miss a new lesbian film or couple on a series ever again! Worth the $ tenfold!



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7 March 2021

Amazing app! Very helpful navigation and super cute films 🎥



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100% sapphic stories


Lesflicks is proud to prioritise under-represented voices including queer womxn of colour, disability, mental health and various identities including bisexual, poly and trans. Even LGBTQ+ platforms lack stories for queer womxn! Because everyone should be able to see themselves on screen.

Rainbow owned

Fairly Priced

We hear the audience craving more authentic stories. We hear the filmmakers struggling to get content funded. We're proud to offer the solution! Fairly priced content that is affordable for audiences with fair royalty rates to content creators means Lesflicks works for all involved.

Authentic Voices


Lesflicks is proud to champion stories made by independent filmmakers of all sizes and backgrounds. We know they understand our stories best. Streaming services traditionally show you content from studios, leaving independent stories unrepresented and invisible. Authentic stories are best made by queer people in our community based on their lived experiences.

About the founder

Naomi Bennett is a 39 year old British lesbian who loves her community

Social Mobility

Naomi didn't attend university as she didn't know that was an opportunity for her. All her skills and experience have been learned through life and employment

Mentoring and Support

Naomi shares her knowledge and experience and provides a supportive environment for women to learn and thrive

Focus on Grass Roots

Naomi is proud to support queer women from day one and loves to support grass roots organisations that are often overlooked


Naomi is proud of, and embraces her autistic traits. She likes good, honest communication.

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Much needed app with a wide range of LBQ films. Really liked the short film section which has some creative and new content!



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