What can you watch if you subscribe?

LesflicksVOD offers you the choice of signing up to a monthly subscription, or renting individual titles. So which to choose?


A subscription gives you access to the majority of content. We have a handful of titles that aren't within the subscription plan, this is either due to it being a new release, or due to the license that was available. The breakdown of titles can be found further down.


By subscribing you get 24/7 access to content to watch to your hearts desire. You are regularly supporting those creating and distributing lesbian film by having an active subscription. On occasion we offer our active subscribers discounts on rental titles, for example Rain Beau's End, which all subscribers have been sent a 50% off coupon.


Rentals are ideal for ad hoc viewing. However if you watch one film a month, the subscription is cheaper than renting!


Title availability

(f) feature film (s) short film (ws) web series (m) music video (c) collection

Free titles: August in the City (s), Countertransference (s), Half Lost (s), Hold Up (s), HOME (s), Once Upon a Zipper (s), When Harri Met Salma (s)


- includes some premium (PVOD) brand new releases


GEOBLOCKED CONTENT (content with limited availability due to to the license that was available)

A Single Evening (s) – due to being a new release

Crazy Bitches (Season 1 and 2) (ws) - due to license

Fear of Water (f)
- due to license

Justine (f) - due to license

Lizzie (f) - due to license

Rain Beau's End - due to being a new release** - Currently PVOD

Transfinite (f) - due to

being a new release

White Lie (f) - due to being a new release



** SVOD have been sent a 50% discount coupon for this title

...I've Seen Love Die (s)

143 (s)

30 Series (ws)

3030 Series (ws)

A Little too Obtuse - Ellie & Zoey (m)

A Single Evening (s)

Adeline (s)


As We Are (ws)

August in the City (s)

Avocado Toast (season 1) (ws)

Benzina (Gasoline) (f)

Bonfire (s)

Brides to Be (f)

Butch Jamie (f)

Butch Pal For the Straight Gal (s)

Camp Belvidere (s)

Children Alike (Lika Barn) (s)

Coffee… Maybe (s)

Coleen (s)

Conversations in a Coffee Shop (s)

Counting (s)

Dancing Alone (s)

Danny Boy (s)

Dating in the Zombie Apocalypse (s)

Death Nature (m)

Dinner for 4 (s)

Disconnected (s)

Dyke Central Series (ws)

Encuentro (s)

Esteemed Madam Director (s)

Every Day (ws) (f)

Forbidden (s)

For My Wife... (f)

Girl Knight (s)

Good Morning (s)

Hannah Henri (s)

Have We Met… the interlude (s)

her HER (s)

Heterosexual Jill (f)

Hi Mrs Friedman (s)

Holiday Help Desk (s)

How 'Bout a Cuppa Tea (s)

I Can't Think Straight (f)

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet (s)

I Still Love You (s)

In Her Place (s)

Jane (s)

Keep On (s)

Kisses in the Wind (s)

Kittens in a Cage (ws) (f)

Laynie Needs A Light (s)

Let Me Be the One (s) 

Life and the Art of Lying (s)

Life At Home (s)

Light in Dark Places (s)

Little Elephant (s)

Love on the Cards (s)

Maricruz (s)

Marry Christmas (s)

Mascara (s)

My Love (s)

New Sneaks, Who Dis? (s)

Nice Chinese Girls Don't (s)

Of Masquerade and Rhymes (s)

Once Upon a Zipper (s)

Once Upon a Zipper Extended Uncut (s)

Only One (s)

Outitude - Irish Lesbian Community (f)

Parallel (f)

Passage Series (s)

Pastry (s)

Penance (s)

Pineapple (s)

Planet Love - Lesbian Short Film (s)

Pleasure Seekers (s)

Practical Things (s)

Pretty (s)

Rafiki (f)

Retratos do teu rosto (Portraits of Your Face) (s)

Road of Bygones (f)

Role of a Lifetime (s)

S&M Sally (f)

See My Ghost Passing Away (s)

Shaping Scars (s)

Shelby's Vacation (s)

Silence (s)

Silience at L FEST 2017 (s)

Somewhere in Between (s)

Starting From Now Series (season 1-7) (ws)

Stormcloud (s)


Take Me Back (s)

The Coffee Shop (f)

The Date (s)

The Girl in Apartment 2 (s)

The Love Letter (s)

The Pass (f)

The Postie (s)

The Visit (s)

The World Can Wait (s)

The World Unseen (f)

Time & Again (s)

Tiny Little Rocks (s)

Together Forever (s)

Treacle (s)

Tremors (s)

Unconditional (s)

We Need a Little Christmas (f)

When Abbie Met Emmy (s)

When Harri Met Salma (s)

Why We Need A Pride - An LGBT+ Short Film (s)

Will You Merry Me (s)

Woman Power (s)

Words (f)

Avocado Toast (ws) - Not available in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa

Butch Pal for the Straight Gal (s) - Not available in US & Canada

Justine (f) - only available in the UK & Ireland

Lizzie (f) - only available in the UK & Ireland

Rafiki (f) - only available in the UK

Transfinite (f) - not available in South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

White Lie (f) - only available in the US




If you are travelling outside of your country, you can still access localised content that is geo-blocked by using a VPN. A VPN places you in another country securely and safely. VPNs are not illegal and are a better solution to accessing content than piracy. Find out more about VPNs here.