What can you watch if you subscribe?

LesflicksVOD offers you the choice of signing up to a monthly subscription, or renting individual titles. So which to choose?


A subscription gives you access to the majority of content. We have a handful of titles that aren't within the subscription plan, this is either due to it being a new release, or due to the license that was available. The breakdown of titles can be found further down.


By subscribing you get 24/7 access to content to watch to your hearts desire. You are regularly supporting those creating and distributing lesbian film by having an active subscription. On occasion we offer our active subscribers discounts on rental titles, for example Rain Beau's End, which all subscribers have been sent a 50% off coupon.


Rentals are ideal for ad hoc viewing. However if you watch one film a month, the subscription is cheaper than renting!

We are working on adding more subtitles to our content. Unfortunately many independent films do not have the budget to create subtitles. We are committed to making more content available in more languages. If you would like to help us to translate any of these films, please get in touch


Title availability

If you are travelling outside of your country, you can still access localised content that is geo-blocked by using a VPN. A VPN places you in another country securely and safely. VPNs are not illegal and are a better solution to accessing content than piracy. Find out more about VPNs here.